Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cute Promotional Products for Women

Do you market to women? These items are perfect for the beauty, cosmetic, or fashion industry! How about this lipstick pen with your logo on it to use as a promotion? Imagine your clients having this in their purse everywhere they go and sharing how cool it is with their friends!

This jeweled purse holder is also a hot item. Every woman should have one! It's gorgeous and safely keeps your purse in view instead of having to hang it on the chair behind you. Makes a great gift!

Women love bling! We've had many requests for rhinestone decorated shirts, hats, and apparel from women who want to look cute at their children's sports events. Send us your artwork and we'll show you how it will look in bling!

For those of you in the health and fitness industry, from fashionable flip flips and totes to yoga mats and zero calorie white chocolate raspberry truffle lip balm, we have tons of products to promote your business to active and health conscious women.

Check out Mama Squirrel's page on pinterest to find more cute and fun promotional products for women today!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Golf Tournament Glove Program

Looking for a great and unique gift for your golf tournament this year? Tired of giving away towels, key chains, or gift bags that just get thrown out? Look no further! Imagine providing a custom fitted golf glove with full color magnetic ball marker with your logo on it for all your participants at your next golf event!

Zero sizing issues! We'll send you 50% more gloves than what you actually need and once all your participants are fit with their custom golf glove, simply pack the unused golf gloves back in the box and ship them back to us!

Easy to manage program with zero over buying, great marketing investment with your participants interacting with the golf glove and ball marker hundreds of times over the life of the glove, and four different glove programs to fit your tournament budget!

All you need to do is provide us with your: 

1) Your golf event date
2) Number of participants expected (with approximate breakdown between male and female golfers).
3) Your required logo in digital format.

And… your work is done!

Approximately 1 week before your event date, you will receive 1 neat FedEx box that will include:

A) 50% more gloves than there are participants (to make sure all participants receive their needed hand/ size)
B) Exact amount of our prestigious quality logoed ball markers (actually we always send a few extra at no charge)
C) All accessories (table cloth, instructions etc)
Once all participants are fitted with their needed size custom logoed golf glove, and event is complete, all unused product is simply shipped back in the same FedEx box for full credit.

Call us today at (562) 266-7427 or email to learn more!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Your Brand Car Charger

Do you have clients who drive a car? Your clients will think of you every time they need to charge those power hungry smartphones with this car charger! It plugs into the cigarette lighter and comes with not one but TWO USB charging ports so both the driver and passenger can charge their phones! Great for the auto or travel industry or anyone who has clients who commute to work everyday.